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SystemWeaver How it works Simply explained

No more using documents for information storage

SystemWeaver stores a model of your system and uses model elements as carriers of relevant information. Integrate your design process using one, enterprise-wide data repository which assembles design information of each component.

Your optimal platform

With SystemWeaver, you get a platform which is easily integrated with other applications, where changes are instant and configurations can be reused. On top of it all, it’s completely scalable – a platform that evolves with your and your customers’ needs.



SystemWeaver will be your single source of truth – no matter if you’re ten or a thousand people working together. Real time updates mean you can work without frustration and improves your feedback loop.



Keep track of changes and control, save and reuse your configurations. Know that requirements are being met and information is consistent toward your customers.



Configure your system to suit your needs and your process. Enable continuous integration and see the changes and your data as you like with the configurable view. Scale up or down and keep SystemWeaver as your one tool even as your business grows.



With SystemWeaver as your information backbone, importing and exporting data to other tools won’t be such a hassle. The open API makes SystemWeaver easily integrated with external applications.

One tool throughout the entire process

Let us have a guess: today, your development process requires several different interfaces; for analysis, for design, for architecture and so on. With SystemWeaver, that’s not the case. Instead, you’ll have one single tool for all the steps:

SystemWeaver how it works