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SystemWeaver about us

Information management in a fast-paced world

Complexity in development environments rises constantly. At the same time, there’s high pressure on fast deliveries. As the amount of information circulating increases – so does the risk of miscommunication and mistakes. The demand for agile workflows brings a need for truly modern information management.

Our part in the equation

For 20 years, we’ve worked to make life easier for development teams managing increasingly complex environments in the digital transformation of system engineering. Our tool SystemWeaver delivers integrated information management and effective communication for fast-paced agile workflows.

Why SystemWeaver is the answer

Our integrated information management approach seriously reduces complexity, through improved control of the creation as well as the evolution of information in development. With SystemWeaver, you’ll get smoother collaboration, fewer errors and faster processes.

SystemWeaver About us


  • Daniel Åman

    Daniel Åman


  • Charlotta Andersson

    Charlotta Andersson


  • Mats Larsson

    Mats Larsson

    VP Solution Management

  • Marcus S Ingvar

    Marcus S Ingvar

    VP Sales and Marketing